Multidisciplinary Orthodontics

Multidisciplinary orthodontics i.e. braces used in conjunction with restorative dentistry or other disciplines to reposition teeth in their proper position to aid in the placement of crowns, implants or dentures or be used to close up residual spaces or previously extracted teeth.

Peg shaped and missing lateral incisor

This patient was seen for a peg shaped and missing lateral incisor. Braces were done to redistribute the spaces for the missing and small incisors so that an implant and crown could be done properly to enhance the patient’s smile

Loss of incisor due to trauma

This patient lost a front tooth due to trauma and it could not be replaced with an implant as the teeth were sticking out. Braces were used to correct the protruding teeth and deep bite so that a denture and later an implant could be done to replace the lost tooth in its aesthetic and proper position

Loss of tooth due to gum disease (periodontiitis)

This patient lost a lower tooth to gum disease and replacement was ruled out by the prosthodontist (crown and bridge specialist) due to the bone loss. Braces were used to help close up the space as well as to correct crowding on the lower teeth. The aligned teeth also made it easier for the patient to brush and maintain oral hygiene.

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